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IFEH Members Platform on
Environmental Health and COVID-19

On this page you find information shared by the IFEH and by our IFEH member organisations with the aim of sharing of experience and ressources, having inputs from our members on the range of work they are doing in combatting COVID-19 and upholding critical EH functions during this crisis, including best practices and with specific emphasis on the role of Environmental Health Practitioners.

All the inputs from the different National Organisations must be submitted to their respective
IFEH Regional Group Chairperson, who are tasked to compile the inputs and submit to the Webmaster. These inputs may also be loaded onto our Facebook page.

Inputs have to be submitted by and on behalf of the national member organisation.
The IFEH member organisations are by submitting their input agreeing to have the input shared on the IFEH website and social media and that it is disclosed which organisation has submitted the information. We will not share personal contact information. Should the organisation want to have organisational contact info displayed, please clearly indicate so.

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Information from IFEH and IFEH member organisations re. COVID-19
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Environmental Health Together register, England

The Environmental Health Together register will enable local authorities (LAs) in England to access the help they desperately need to combat the pandemic. The register is accepting candidate applications.

The register is hosted by the Local Government Association (LGA), professionally quality-assured by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and backed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and NHS Test and Trace.

Environmental Health Together application portal:
Look up further information
(re-direct to CIEH website)



Report from National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), USA

NEHA has fielded a nationwide EH workforce needs assessment in response to COVID-19, from Juli - August 31, 2020. The findings are unequivocal. EH practioners, many of whom are employed at small local agencies, are actively supporting COVID-19 response and recovery.

Look up the full NEHA Report




2020 World Environmental Health Day Declaration

In communities across the globe, the environmental health family are fighting this global pandemic and supporting each other in their efforts.

On a World  Environmental Health Day like no other the IFEH motto "Caring for the environment in the interest of world health" has never had greater resonance.

The declaration is released in connection with World Environmental Health Day 2020

The development of the declation was organized by NEHA with contributions from many IFEH members.

Look up the 2020 World Environmental Health Day Declaration




COVID-19 and Environmental Health
Institutional Statement by Spanish Society of Environmental Health - SESA
Member of IFEH and EFEH

The Spanish Society of Environmental Health (SESA) has released an Institutional Statement (in Spanish and English) describing the SESA response on the COVID-19 pandemic and informing about the contribution of SESA as a Scientific Society to assist in combatting the pandemic.

The statement is released in connection with World Environmental Health Day 2020

Look up the SESA Institutional Statement (Spanish)

Look up the SESA Institutional Statement (English)


Spanish Society of Environmental Health


NEHA virtual EH workforce conference - free Webinar available.

NEHA convened a 2-day virtual EH workforce conference a few weeks ago. The content is very good, focused on food and water. As might be expected, it is oriented toward North America, but valuable nonetheless. Registration is simple, quick, the entire program is free, and will be posted on-line for the next 6 months. Certificates of attendance can be secured. NEHA encourage any IFEH member with an interest to check it out (see below).

NEHA's Digital Defense: Education for a Safer World Virtual Conference & Exhibition is a highly informative forum that brought together over 2,000 environmental public health professionals and food and water safety specialists to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and emerging issues and solutions. The virtual conference was held on August 18 and 19, 2020. The virtual conference environment included auditorium presentations, poster sessions, a networking lounge, and exhibitor booths and resources. Two educational tracks on food safety and water were offered.

Registration Information:


National Environmental Health Association


Corona Virus Disease Challenges in Africa: The Role of Environmental Health
Report from IFEH Africa Regional Group.

Look up the report by IFEH Africa Regional Group


IFEH Africa
Regional Group


Environmental Health Officers and Assistant Environmental Officers Malaysia
COVID-19 Pandemic Report

Report by IFEH member Malaysian Association of Environmental Health - MAEH 

Look up the report by MAEH, Malaysia


Malaysian Association of Environmental Health,


IFEH member NZIEH, New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health 
Update from NZIEH, New Zealand on COVID-19

Look up the update by NZIEH, New Zealand


New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health,


IFEH member EHA, Environmental Health Australia
Update from EHA, Australia on COVID-19

Look up the update by EHA, Australia


Environmental Health Australia


IFEH Comments to UNDRR R-STAG paper on Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Context of COVID-19.

The IFEH is a member of the UNDRR Science & Technology Partnership for DRR and in that capacity the IFEH were informed by UNDRR with an opportunity to comment on the paper on Science and Technology for DRR in the Context of COVID-19, ( spanish version ) which has been elaborated by the UNDRR, Regional Science and Technology Advisory Group, R-STAG in the Americas & Caribbean.
( Link )

The IFEH Americas Regional Group were asked to take the lead  in preparing comments by the IFEH / IFEH Americas Regional Group. The comments have been submitted to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - UNDRR, Regional Office for the Americas & the Caribbean.

Look up the IFEH comments to the R-STAG paper on Science and Technology for DRR in the Context of COVID-19


IFEH Americas Reginal Group


Message from IFEH President

Message from the IFEH President on the launch of the dedicated IFEH webpage on COVID-19




Invitation to tell your story re. COVID-19

Invitation for all IFEH member organisations - and the individual members of those - to tell your story regarding EH issues in regard to the COVID-19 crisis. This initiative is done in partnership between the IFEH and NEHA (National Environmental Health Association, USA)

The stories may be published on the NEHA website and the IFEH website as well as on the social media of both the IFEH and NEHA.

Just fill in the template that you find at:



Open letter

Open Letter to the Environmental Health Profession, issued by Dr. David Dyjack, CEO NEHA



UNDRR initiatives on COVID-19

UNDRR - United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has released the
UNDRR Initial COVID-19 Engagement Strategy and
UNDRR COVID-19 Key Messages and Communication Campaign

IFEH is a partner with the UNDRR on Science and Technology and in that capacity and by the wish of UNDRR this information is disseminated to share within our network and partners.



Recomendation from the WHO to improve hand hygiene practices re. COVID-19

Look up the recommendation from WHO as of 01.04.2020

Link to WHO recommendation




The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - CIEH, has launced a new COVID-19 resource page:

As part of the this, the CIEH has published 2 guidelines which the CIEH has kindly offered could be shared with all IFEH member organisations and relevant EH professionals through the IFEH website.

The Guidelines are:

Food delivery and takeaway guidance - advice for businesses who want to move to takeaway.
Produced by CIEH with assistance by Wales Food Safety Expert Panel, and two freelance EHP consultants.

Safe shopping - guidance on shopping safely.
Produced jointly by Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Environmental Health Association of Ireland (EHAI), and Irish Global Health Network (IGHN).



UNDRR webinar on COVID-19

Through the IFEH partnership on Science and Technology with the UNDRR - United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - the IFEH were invited to participate in a UNDRR webinar 25 March 2020 on practical experiences from P.R. China and the Republic of Korea with COVID-19. Some 750 participators were attending the webinar. The webinar was organized by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction's office in Incheon, Korea and the World Health Organization.

All given presentations can be found on the UNDRR PreventionWeb:



EH Professionals Involvement in COVID-19
Rapid Need Assessment

The National Environmental Health Association - NEHA, USA has conducted a Rapid Needs Assessment (convenience sample) of the US Environmental Health workforce relative to COVID-19 - conducted on March 25, 2020. This is relevant because environmental health professionals in the US are the second largest part of the local public health workforce, behind nursing. Responses were received from approximately 1,175 local, territorial, state, tribal, federal and private sector respondents. The report was realased to day March 30, 2020.

NEHA has kindly offered that this information could be shared with all IFEH member organisations and relevant EH professionals through the IFEH website.

The survey undertaken by NEHA in the US provides very useful information - and at the same time it sets an example for how other IFEH member organisations could undertake similar assessment / survey on what are the needs in terms of COVID-19 as experienced by EH Professionals in their own country.

Look up the full NEHA Rapid Needs Assessment Report




The National Environmental Health Association NEHA, USA
has launced a new website on COVID-19




The Emerging Situation - What we currently know about COVID-19
What we need to know as individuals - The role of Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) - Useful and important links

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