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IFEH World Congresses

The IFEH arrange two different kind of World Congresses on Environmental Health.
IFEH World Congress on Environmental Health, biennially
IFEH Academic World Conference on Envirornmental Health, biennially

Each Congress is detail planned by the IFEH member organisation or associate member hosting the Congress.
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IFEH World Academic Conference
on Environmental Health 2021

Tartu, Estonia, 4 - 8 May 2021

ON-LINE Conference due to COVID-19

The 4rd IFEH Academic World Conference on Environmental Heath will be kindly hosted by:
Tartu Health Care College

Conference website:

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Call for abstracts (redirect to Conference website) Closing date: 10.02.2021


About the Conference, titled:

Tartu Health Care College are honoured to host the 4th IFEH World Acedemic Conference on Environmental Health
from 4th to 8th May, 2021 in Tartu, Estonia - and ON-LINE due to COVID-19.

Tartu Health Care College provide a modern conditions for the conference, interesting and high-level scientific presentations related to relevant environmental health issues and exciting activities in the beautiful nature of Estonia. The conference will engage academia, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and local communities from all regions of the IFEH.

Situation in Environmental Health is ever-changing, especially nowadays with many new challenges such as globalization, consumerism, climate and demographic change, etc. We face new geographic scale of diseases, obesity in some areas as well as famine in others, we waste water in some countries in times of draught in others. Everyone of us in every corner of the world has different challenges and milestones. Lets put the real environmental health situation on the scale and see how we could overcome these challenges, survive and thrive in these changing times. Lets do it TOGETHER!

Conference website: www.nooruse.ee/ifeh

Video: https://bit.ly/32BmX3Z

Facebook: : www.facebook.com/events/1244735952555912/   

Contact: conference@nooruse.ees


Objectives of the Congress
The aim of the 4rd International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) World Academic Conference on Environmental Health, from 4th to 8th April May at Tartu Health Care College, Estonia is to bring together various stakeholders from around the world to stimulate multidisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration in environmental health.

The conference engage academia, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students and local communities from all of the world. Through the diverse groups attending the conference, participants are able to deliberate on environmental health interventions.



IFEH World Congress
on Environmental Health (2020)

The World Congress 2020 has been
until further notice
due to the global COVID-19 situation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
10th - 13th August 2020
(date cancelled)

The 16th IFEH World Congress is
kindly hosted by:
Malaysian Association of Environmental Health
MAEH. For further information, call for abstracts and registration visit the
Conference website:





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