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The Federation works to disseminate knowledge concerning environmental health and promote co-operation between countries where environmental health issues are transboundary. It promotes the interchange of people working in this sector and the exchange of Member's publications of a scientific and technical nature.

Amongst other things, the Federation seeks to provide means of exchanging information and experience on environmental health, to hold Congresses and meetings to discuss subjects relevant to environmental health science and administration, to represent the interests of environmental health to state agencies, national governments and international organisations and to promote field studies of environmental health control.

The Federation is an organisation whose full members are national associations representing the interests of environmental health professionals throughout the World.  Applications forms for membership can be downloaded from the member section.

Other organisations with an interest in environmental health may become associate members.  Organisations, which are involved in the educational field (for instance Universities training environmental health professionals) are eligible to become Academic Associate Members.  Other bodies with an interest in environmental health (such as regional associations, NGOs, etc) may become Associate Members. Applications forms for these classes of membership can be downloaded from the
member section

Individual persons may show their support for the Federation by becoming an Individual Associate Member.  Persons who are successful in applying to join this category of associate membership will be kept up to date with IFEH news and will receive periodically any documents issued by the Federation. Individual Associate Members may participate in Federation activities but have no voting rights.  An invitation form for this category can be downloaded from the member section.

The annual subscription for full membership is based on the number of individual members that an organisation has.  Those organisations whose county is listed in the World Bank listing of low income countries will pay £53.00.

The annual rate for members in the lower middle, upper middle and upper categories of the World Bank listing is now £0.41 per individual member so for example an organisation with 200 members would pay £82.00 per year.  The minimum amount payable is GB£ 53.00

The annual subscription for members in the World Bank low income list is now  £53.00 

The annual subscription for Associate Academic Members is GB£ 90.00 

The annual subscription for Associate Members is GB£ 90.00 

The annual subscription for Affiliated Members is GB£ 250.00 

Individual Members are invited to pay a minimum annual fee of GB£30.00

For further guidance on subscriptions please contact the Honorary Secretary :

Roderick House, E-mail:

Further information and the application forms can be found in the
member section.


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