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IFEH Strategic Planning Update

At the Council meeting 2011 in Kuta, Indonesia the final Strategic Plan was approved by the Council. Read the IFEH Strategic Plan 2011.

Also read the latest updtated action plan (January 2013)  ( pdf Word )

At the 2006 World Congress of the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) in Dublin Ireland, the Federation Council undertook a facilitated one-day session to ascertain the key elements of an environmental scan (SWOT analysis) for the organization. The subsequent document that was produced became the cornerstone for the Strategic Planning process. 
The Dublin document was titled "Thinking about the Future"

At the Council meeting in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2007 a Steering Committee of representatives from Australia, Canada, Denmark, Kenya and South Africa was established to produce a finalized Strategic Plan for the organization. The Board of Directors were Ex-Officio to the process.

In the table below you can find updates on the strategic planning process.
This update is sorted by date of the most important papers / meetings.


Updated Action Plan - working version (January 2013)


Updated Action Plan  (April 2012)

September 2011

IFEH Strategic Plan 2011
Approved by the IFEH Council

August 2008

IFEH Strategic Planning Update
Prepared by the Steering Committee

May 2008 Look up details... Brisbane IFEH Council Meeting
(Minutes are not available yet)
August 2007

Minutes from Nairobi IFEH Council Meeting -
item 14 - Overall IFEH Strategy

June 2007

Result of the strategy session at the Dublin IFEH Council Meeting: "Thinking about the Future"

June 2006

Dublin IFEH Council Meeting

Minutes item 10 - Overall IFEH Strategy

Agenda appendix, item 11(ii) - Comments from Member Organisations re an Overall Strategy for IFEH

October 2005

Minutes from Vancouver IFEH Council Meeting - item 18 - Policy & Strategy

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