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Regulations & Aims


Incorporation under United Kingdom law gives the Federation a legal status and a constitution, which is found in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which include a statement of the objectives of the Federation. The Memorandum and Articles are contained in Appendix 3 and 4 in the procedures manual.

The Registration Number of the Federation under UK Company Law is 2026062; the Federation is a Company limited by guarantee.

All business in the Federation is conducted and regulated in accordance with the procedures manual.

See the Procedures Manual (August 2021)


The Federation's objects are:

(a) to provide a focal point for national organisations of practitioners, whether in state, or local government, or private employment, whose concern is the care of the environment in the interests of the public health;

(b) to provide a means of exchanging information on environmental health matters, including systems of organisation and management;

(c) to publish an international journal of environmental health and other publications relating to environmental health;

(d) to hold congresses and other meetings for the consideration and discussion of subjects relating to environmental health;

(e) to represent the interests of environmental health to national governments, state agencies and international organisations;

(f) to promote the study of environmental health;

(g) to exchange information about training and educational methods;

(h) to promote field studies of environmental health control and research and disseminate knowledge concerning environmental health;

(i) to co-operate with other organisations working on matters related to environmental health;

(j) to promote co-operation between countries in matters of environmental health;

(k) to promote the interchange of persons engaged in environmental health work;

(l) to exchange publications of a technical, scientific and educational nature relating to environmental health produced by members of the Federation, and publicity material produced for environmental health education purposes;

(m) to afford government departments, international organisations, professional and academic institutions and trade associations, facilities for ascertaining the collective views of national organisations;

(n) to hold examinations and to grant and award prizes and certificates on the result of the examination to any student for proficiency in subjects relating to the science of environmental health and kindred subjects;

(o) to borrow and raise money in such manner as the Federation may think fit for all or any or more of the objects of the Federation;

(p) to endow and receive property for the endowment of a library, laboratory or other institution;

(q) to organise, finance and maintain a development fund for the fulfillment of specific projects approved by the Council or by members of the Federation in General Meeting and to discharge the requirements of that project provided always that such project is consistent with the foregoing objects or any of them and the funding source is approved by a regulation passed by the Council in accordance with Article 20;

(r) to make grants or loans to any organisation (and whether a member organisation or otherwise) for the purposes of furthering the foregoing objects or any of them (but not further or otherwise);

(s) to do alone or in conjunction with others, the foregoing and all such other lawful things, in any manner whatsoever consistent with the provisions of this Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association of the Federation from time to time in force (and in this Memorandum of Association, referred to as the "Articles")



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