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Eric Foskett Award 2004

The award is presented at IFEH World Congresses. It is to be awarded to either an individual or an organisation. Recipients must have made a notable contribution to the work of the Federation by helping it to fulfil its aims and objectives.

Below you will find information on the recipient of the Eric Foskett Award 2004


At the 8th IFEH World Congress 2004, Durban,  the award was presented:


Michael Halls
IFEH Honorary Archivist
Past Honorary Secretary
Honorary Vice President of IFEH

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, REHIS

Michael Halls

Eric Foskett Award 2004 - Awarded to Michael Halls

Michael Halls has a long history of service to the Federation.  It is for these many years of dedication to international environmental health and the Federation that Mr. Halls became the third recipient of the Eric W. Foskett Award.  

Mr. Halls had been very active in his professional organization (the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland) after entering the Environmental Health profession in 1959. It was in this capacity that in 1982 he was invited to a meeting with Eric Foskett, the founding father of IFEH, to discuss Ericís vision for creation of the Federation, and he immediately saw the potential for such an organization.

Mr. Halls was appointed President of REHIS in 1984 and worked actively toward getting REHIS involved in the initial formation of IFEH.  Mr. Halls became a REHIS representative to the IFEH when it was formally incorporated in 1986, and has served in a number of posts of the IFEH, including its President, Chairman of Council, and Honorary Public Relations Officer.  He was instrumental in having Aberdeen, Scotland chosen as the venue for the 1996 World Congress, and was one of the chairmen of that event.  It was there that he was duly installed as the Federationís President and Chairman of the Council for the years 1996 to 1998.

On relinquishing the Presidency, Mr. Halls became the IFEH Honorary Secretary, a post which he held for 8 years until "retiring" in 2006. Mr. Halls continues to represent REHIS to the IFEH Council, which recently appointed him as the Federationís Honorary Archivist.


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