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IFEH Sustainability Indicator Initiative ( SII )

Sustainability Indicator Initiative (  SII )

This initiative has come to an end by 2018.
The project was run as an IFEH project (SI) from 2000 - 2007 but at the same time the IISD was running a similar project. Info on the first IFEH project can still be found here:
https://www.ifeh.org/indicators/indicators.html .

By 2005 IFEH went into a formal partnership with the IISD who had initiated the Compendium on Sustainability Indicators.
It was run with the IFEH as a partner in the period 2005 - 2018
The database - the CompeNdium on Sustaibability Indicators - was maintained and upheld by the IISD. The IISD has by 2018 chosen to discontinue the database. The Compendium had information about 1,000 initiatives and was by 2010 one of the biggest information ressources in the World when it came to Indicators systems and reporting systems where all initiatives had went through a review of specialists.

A copy of the whole database - the Compendium has been given to the IFEH due to our partnership with the IISD. Should you want further information feel welcome to contact our coordinator on this initiative:
Henning I. Hansen, Hon Vice President IFEH
email: henning.hansen@ifeh.org

For historical reasons the IFEH has chosen to remain the old web text on this page - and if you feel a need for us to re-install the database / update the initiative - feel welcome to inform Henning I. Hansen

Historically information below:

A new phase in the Federation's work on indicators which started in 2000 has been launched - and it has been named the Sustainability Indicator Initiative ( SII ).

The backbone of this initiative is based on the collaboration between the International Institute of Sustainable Development - IISD and the International Federation on Environmental Health - IFEH.

The IISD has since 1995 been hosting the Compendium on sustainability indicator initiatives. This is a web database of indicators initiatives, Worldwide.

The Compendium will serve as the common database to hold information on indicator initiatives - including the inputs coming as a result of the IFEH sustainability Indicator Initiative.

In 2005 an agreement (MoU) was approved by both IFEH and the IISD:


The whole MoU can be seen from here.

An important offset for this agreement was the IFEH Policy no 8 - Declaration on the use of Sustainability Indicators
as well as the IFEH Sustainability Indicator Project.

An IFEH working group was formed to ensure progress regarding the initiative.

The former IFEH SII Working group comprised:

Henning Hansen
Vice President IFEH, ENVINA Denmark

Peter Davey
Vice President IFEH, EHA Australia

Fred O' Brien
Vice president IFEH, CIPHI Canada

Raymond Ellard
EHOA Ireland

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Sustainability Indicator Project (IFEH SI)
In 2000 the IFEH started a project named IFEH Sustainability Indicator Project.
The primary aim of the project was to collect examples from all over the World on how indicators are used in strategic planning and how indicators are used to monitor progress towards a sustainable development.

This former projected was terminated by 1st of March 2007 and it has been replaced by the IFEH Sustainabilility Initiative. (IFEH SII)

The collection of examples to that specific project has by 1st of March 2007 come to an end - but the idea behind the project goes on and has been re-enbursed as a result of our collaboration with the IISD.

The results on the old project can be found from here.

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IFEH Sustainability Indicator Project

Since 2000 the IFEH has been running a project on collecting examples on the use of indicators - primarily at local and regional governmental level.

This project was terminated 1st of March 2007.

Instead a new project
the IFEH Sustainabilility Initiative has been launched.